Matter and Transformation

The transformation of matter and energy occurs at every order of magnitude and scale, and at various time rates.

The overall rates of transformation of matter and energy range from high-speed particle transformations which occur on the subatomic scale within a small fraction of a second, to large-scale transformations of astronomical events which occur on the order of billions of years.

Differences in the time rates of growth and decay of matter lead to the formation and deformation of various structures.

For example, the convolutions, bending, and curling of material objects which are at rest correspond to the time rates at which expansion and contraction of the structures and surfaces of the material occur.

In general, the rates of transformation of matter vary in proportion to the dimensions, and are influenced by a variety of causes, including changes in electrical and magnetic conductivity, as well as shifts in temperature, pressure, and density.

The smaller the entity, the greater the rate of transformation and the shorter the lifespan. The larger the entity, the slower the transformation and the longer the lifespan.

Under normal conditions, a small rock will buildup or breakdown at a faster rate than a large boulder made of the same material.


All things pass. Only remain cosmic force and matter, ever in flux, ever acting and reacting and realizing the eternal types—the priest, the soldier, and the king. Out of the mouths of babes comes the wisdom of all the ages. Some will fight, some will rule, some will pray; and all the rest will toil and suffer sore while on their bleeding carcasses is reared again, and yet again, without end, the amazing beauty and surpassing wonder of the civilized state. – Jack London